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Interreg Centralparks project: Carpathian Quiz winners

From 1st of June to 19th of July, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project Centralparks ran an educational Quiz on the Carpathian region. In the last two weeks, the results were finalised and winners – announced.

What was the quiz about?

The Centralparks Quiz included 17 questions. The first half of the questions concerned mainly geographical and biological aspects of the region. The second part of the Quiz, however, featured the Centralparks project itself. This, in turn, was done to facilitate knowledge on both tasks and expected outcomes, performed in this project. As a result, general public was able to leave the Quiz with a greater knowledge not only of the region, but also on the essence of the important project in the area – Centralparks.

Some interesting insights

  • The Quiz question that received largest number of correct answers was:

4. What is the highest peak in the Carpathians?

A. Moldoveanu peak in Romania

B. Rysy, on the border of Poland and Slovakia

C. Gerlachovský peak in Slovakia

D. Vysoká peak in Slovakia

Correct Answer: C. Gerlachovský peak in Slovakia

  • The Quiz question that received smallest number of correct questions was:

13. To safeguard all the above species within their respective protected areas, The Interreg Centralparks project has been created. Its key aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange between the Carpathian protected area managers. Why do you think this has to be done?

A. To share the best protection-related practices

B. To raise awareness about the protected areas

C. To improve management capacities of Carpathian protected areas

D. All of the above

Correct Answer: C. To improve management capacities of Carpathian protected areas

! Notably, all following questions related to Centralparks project received a correct answer in over 70% of cases. Consequently, this means that the participants have improved the knowledge of the Centralparks objectives as they proceeded with the Quiz.

Announcing the winners

By using random generator, Centralparks partners have selected 10 winners. All winners have been already issued their prizes, prepared earlier by the Centralparks partners.

Please welcome the quiz winners:

Czech Republic:

Petra Horáčková

Ondrej Vitek


Paulina Feriancova

Erik Harman

Peter Hrubovský

Tomáš Rovný


Zalaba Ádám

András Zágon

Albert Csilla


Mieczysław Bętkowski

Finally, together with all Centralparks partners, we want to send big congratulations and gratitude to absolutely everyone, who has taken part in the Quiz.

Before you go…

Have a look at the super creative poems, that were generated by the participants and that are gladly promoted on Centralparks page as well as on the European Wilderness Society Instagram.

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