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Test your Carpathian knowledge and win the prize!

Do you have an idea how large are the Carpathians or in which countries lie the Carpathians? If you already know the answers to these questions or if you would simply like to find out more about this magnificent region – join the first ever Carpathian Quiz! This Quiz is a part of our three-year Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project Centralparks, which brings together eight partners from 7 European countries. 

The Centralparks project

The Carpathian region consists of some of the most valuable ecosystems in Central Europe. Within these ecosystems, you can spot a large amount of endemic plant species that cannot be effectively grown or preserved in any other parts in the world. Moreover, the area is also popular for its habitat connectivity, where the wildlife corridors help to ensure certain migration pats for such Carpathian inhabitants as brown bears, wolves, lynxes, and even the free-roaming European bisons.

Noting on the above, the Centralparks project therefore aims to preserve at its best the various protected areas in the region. To do this, the project improves the integrated environmental management capacities of the Carpathian protected areas. Not only does it promote valuable knowledge and expertise among the protected area managers in the region, but it also aims to educate local communities on the importance of sustainable conservation within the Carpathians.

Join the Carpathian Quiz

With this Interreg Centralparks Carpathian Quiz you can show us your knowledge about the Carpathian region or deepen it, since each answer will be explained. Enjoy the educative nature character of this Quiz, take part, and submit your results!

Entry deadline: the quiz will run from 1st June to 19th July 2021.

To take part in the quiz and win the prize, you must:

  1. Be over 18 years old and be based in Europe; 
  2. Read and answer all 17 questions carefully;
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions.

In case you get any of your answers wrong – don’t worry! The quiz is of educative rather than competitive character. This, in turn, means that even if you do not score any points for your incorrect answer, the correct answer will still appear on the same page for you to learn more about the topic. Therefore, regardless of the answers, every participant will be included in the selection of winners.

How and when will the winners be chosen and announced? To select the winners, a random generator will be used. The lucky winners will then be reached via their email address within the 14 days after the closing date.

What is the prize and how will I get it? The prize is not monetary and does not include cash. Instead, it includes the selected gifts from numerous Centralparks partners. Consequently, in case you are selected as a winner by a random generator tool, the prize will be shipped to the address that you will provide upon our future reach out.

How is my data protected? In this quiz, the personal data of the participant is handled in accordance with the general GDPR concerns. Such data includes your name, email address, and home address.

Good luck with the quiz!

UPDATE 16-08-2021: Check out the Carpathian Quiz winners here!

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