Meet our eco-friendly youth!

The Youth Green Conference-2022 is going to be one of the brightest events of this autumn! Our project team is getting ready to meet 60 young youngsters from five countries in Lungau region, Austria. During 5 intensive days Youth from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine exchange their experience, join interesting outdoor and indoor activities, meet different experts and develop Youth Charter for Environment!

We want to share our excitement with you and introduce some of them through their conference applications.

Meet Eva from Slovenia!

Video made with assistance of our project partner — Revivo.

I’m worried about pollution and climate change. Also, I’m curious how it’s going to affect society and animals.

Student from Slovenia, 13 y.o.

Meet Anna from Germany!

Video made with assistance of our project partner — Gymnasium.

For nearly 1,5 years I’m a member of Youth parliament in my home town. We do the projects do projects on democracy, culture, but also on environmental topics. For example, bike repair station to animate the citizens to use their bikes more often.

Student from Germany, 16 y.o.

Meet Dana from Ukraine!

Video made with assistance of our project partner — Forza.

I’m interested in environment. I think trees are good for health and for city. They are good for the health of the citizens and, also, can make beautiful urban areas.

Student from Ukraine

Meet Lisa and Daniele from Italy!

Video made with assistance of our project partner — Eliante.

I have a close bound with mountain tradition. It leads me to the understanding that flora and fauna is in danger of extinction.

Student from Italy

Meet Morgan from Austria!

Video made with assistance of European Wilderness Society.

In my last summer I went to the beach and collected a lot of trash. At school I explained to my classmates why plastic is harmful for the nature.

Student from Austria

As you see, our great young transnational participants of the Youth Green Conference-2022 do care about nature and already have environmental actions experience to share with their mates from other countries and even approach decision-makers!

Looking forward to share more news about the conference soon and to contribute to the upcoming celebration Erasmus Anniversary!

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