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Our society’s Board had a meeting in Vienna on 16 January and we made a milestone decision to join the new conservation vision of Europe as the 10th signatory party.

The 10th World Wilderness Congress (aka WILD10) had many resolutions among them the new conservation vision for Europe. This resolution calls for the wide adoption of the policy document “A Vision for a Wilder Europe” and argues that while wild nature is returning, but Europe’s environment is far from perfect and much work is needed for us to redirect unwise exploitation, save the remaining wildlands and seas, and rewild areas that can help recreate a better, more fascinating, richer Europe. We have this rare opportunity to do so – the tide is momentarily with us. We need to act now.

WILD10 Resolutions

This is a major reason why delegates from across Europe and around the globe have assembled for WILD10 – the 10th World Wilderness Congress – in Salamanca, Spain. This Vision is their call to action for all Europeans – politicians, businessmen, landowners, city dwellers, young and old. It does not need to be complicated. The Vision can be stated very simply: A wilder world is a better world… for all people, all life.

That is why the European Wilderness Society decided to join the current signatories as the 10th signatory party of the document. While working on each target, we will focus particularly on the following 4 items:

  • 1. promoting natural processes
  • 2. protecting existing Wilderness areas
  • 3. generating wider public support, and
  • 4. research and monitoring

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